2 Easy Spider Crafts for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

The munchkins LOVE spiders. It all started with the nursery rhyme incy wincy spider and escalated from there. Last Halloween they got a variety of plastic spiders in their trick or treat bags and have been playing with them all year long; a particularly hilarious game for them is to chase me around while wielding a huge plastic orange spider and roaring at me!

This Halloween spiders will again feature heavily in our decor, crafts and costumes. Today we started off with a couple of easy spider crafts.

Handprint Spider Craft

handprint spider craft

How cute is this spider? Doesn’t look like he will harm a fly! I love handprint crafts, especially around seasonal holidays or celebrations as not only are they easy and fun to do by kids of all ages, but they also serve as a record of your growing little ones.

To make your own handprint spider all you need is paper, black non-toxic paint (we use the ready-mix paint bottles from Early Learning Centre’s Bits & Basics range) and googly eyes. To get a neat handprint I find the best way is to paint the hand with a brush rather than press it into a puddle of paint. To make the spider paint one hand black then, keeping the hand open and fingers spread, press onto the paper. Then paint the other hand black and press down on the paper overlapping with the first print around the thumbs so that the thumb prints become the spiders feelers and the fingers are the legs. The final step is to add googly eyes.

Paper Plate Spider Craft

paper plate spider

I always have a stack of paper plates in my craft supplies, they are such a cheap and versatile material and resource to have. For this craft we used a paper plate, black tissue paper, pva glue and white paper for the eyes.

First cut the tissue paper into strips. Reserve eight strips to become the spiders legs and cut the rest up into squares to be stuck down on the plate to make the spider’s body. Sticking the tissue pieces to the paper plate to make the spider’s body is a great fine motor skills activity as well as providing a sensory experience. There is no need to stick the tissue pieces down pristinely to the paper plate to make the body – the unevenness actually makes for a much better textural representation of the spider. Once the paper plate body is filled up with black, stick the legs onto the body, 4 on each side and add eyes – I used regular white printer paper to cut out a couple of eyes and dabbed them with a touch of black paint (you can also just colour the pupils in with pen, crayon etc).

So there you go! Two quick and easy spider crafts to get you started with Halloween crafts and decor.

Have you tried these or got any other halloween crafts to share? Send me a message I would love to hear from you.

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