Arabian Shake

The munchkins have recently discovered dates and can’t get enough of them. I can’t really blame them, the local dates are yummy and plentiful.  They love to snack on them and I am also trying to think of easy ways to incorporate them into other foods. They make a great natural sweetener and can add a rich caramely flavour to dishes.

Arabian Shake

A super simple treat I made for them recently is a banana, date and camel milk smoothie that I’m calling an Arabian Shake.

To make the shake you just pop a banana (preferably a ripe one from the freezer), some dates (stones removed) and a splash of camel milk into a blender and whizz up.

I used one ripe frozen banana, 3 dates and about a quarter of a cup of camel milk in my version. However, you may want to adjust the ingredients according to taste, e.g. if your banana isn’t overly ripe, add a couple of extra dates to boost the sweetness and add more or less camel milk depending on how thick you like your shakes.

Top tips: I pop very ripe bananas into the freezer every now and again so that I have them on hand to make smoothies and shakes like this. They are easier to blend if you peel them and cut them into slices before freezing!  If you keep your smoothie mixture quite thick you can also return it back to the freezer to set and then serve it as a delicious, healthy, sugar free icecream.

Look out for a future post on camel milk, which is a relatively new, but very welcome, addition to our grocery list.

Let me know what you think if you decide to try the Arabian Shake. Do you have any kid friendly date recipes to share? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

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