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My name is Harkee and I’m a snapaholic.

There, I’ve admitted it. I do take a ridiculous number of photos, especially when it comes to my kids. At last count my iPhone had almost 5,000 photos on it from the last year alone!  I am obsessed with capturing the moment and so I tend get snap happy, much to the chargrin of Mr. who hates photos. For me it’s about preserving the memories, creating a chronicled account of our journey as a family and having a visual reference for both me and the kids when we talk about and remember good times. The munchkins love looking at photos of themselves and it is only when I look back at the photos that I really remember how little they once were, how much they have changed and grown in such a short time, and how quickly this time is passing; it’s bittersweet.

This week I will definitely have all my cameras charged up and ready to shoot as we have a massive milestone coming up  – Monkey’s first day at school!! We have the uniform and the shoes, hopefully we’ll have a smile and, putting them all together, I’m hoping for some super cute photos that I will look back on for years to come.  Of course, being expats, I will also be distributing them to friends and family around the world so they too can share this momentous occasion with us so the pressure is on to get the perfect shot.

My plan is to have Monkey stood on the front steps of our villa for the photo. I want to take one in the same place every year so I have a comparable record of his growth and school journey without changing and busy backgrounds distracting from  him. I just wish I also had a suitable potted fruit tree or similar that I could put next to him each year as another visual growth marker.

I’m big on marking milestones with photos and it’s great to include props that tell the story of the milestone without the need for additional explanation.  Every month of Monkey’s first year I took photos of him with a sticker proclaiming his age. For Missy I used magnetic alphabet letters spelling out her age over her head (towards the end of the year it became almost impossible to take a good photo before she made a swipe for the letters!)

FS1 First day of school

So of course I need a first day at school photo prop and nothing says first-day-of-school better than a chalkboard sign!  My good friend and mummy partner-in-crime, Lidia (of Sand in my Heels) and I were both planning on doing chalkboard signs for our kids (we seem to have exactly the same brainwaves these days!) and we thought maybe there might be other mummies (or daddies) that might like chalkboard photo signs for their kids too. So we’ve gone ahead and designed a set of printable chalkboard signs covering the first day at nursery, through FS1 and FS2, all the way up to Grade 6. You will see there is some variation in the images used to reflect the growing maturity at each age. We figured after Grade 6 the kiddos might be too-cool-for-back-to-school-signs!

We created these printables as part of our ongoing design work for our little enterprise, Great Little Gallery, which we are currently working on together and through which the prints, artwork, party printables and more (including personalised prints and artwork) designed by us will be showcased and available for purchase. Please get in touch if you would like us to create a bespoke personalised print, photo-prop or other artwork or printable for you.

The pdf for these first-day-at-school printables can be downloaded for FREE by clicking on the link below. You can print just the page(s) relevant to your child(ren) onto paper or card stock using your home printer and then keep them as they are or pop them into a picture frame.  We hope you like them and will use them in your first day of school photos.

DOWNLOAD LINK: First Day of School Printables

Wishing you all the best for your little ones’ first days back at school and the new school year ahead! Don’t forget to charge your camera batteries, check you have enough memory on your memory cards and pack a small pack of tissues for those tears of joy/pride/sadness.

What do you have planned for your first day of school photos? Let me know if you used our printable photo prop or, even better, share a picture to my Facebook page.  Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

*The First Day of School Printables are the copyright of Great Little Gallery and are provided free for personal use only. Commercial use, sale or distribution of the printables without the express prior consent of Great Little Gallery is not permitted.

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