Halloween Crafts – Ghoulish Footprint Art

Footprint ghoul

Ever since Missy was introduced to paints and handprint art, there has been one thing she loves painting more than anything else – her hands! She will make a few marks on the paper laid in front of her but then within seconds she will be busy covering her squidgy little fingers and palms with industrious brushstrokes.

Rather than fight against this, I am embracing it and helping her do little art pieces that I can then save to remind me how little her hands once were.  As part of our halloween crafting we recently did handprint spiders and today I thought I would introduce her to footprints as well.

Around halloween last year Monkey came home from nursery with a cute little footprint ghoul, I loved it and it was one of my favourite pieces from the whole year. So it was the natural choice for Missy’s halloween footprint art as well.


The process couldn’t be simpler, all you need is white paint, black paper (or other contrasting colour that would show up the white paint) and a black sharpie/pen/paint for the eyes and mouth. Paint the sole of one foot white, press down/stand on the black paper and, once dry, draw/paint on the facial details. Simple.

Missy seems to have taken to footprint arts as well as she has to handprints, as both of our paint covered feet will attest too – she sat down on the floor and had a go at painting her own feet and then insisted on painting mine too!

We did get a few good footprints so with one of them I experimented with painting over the white footprint with some glow in the dark paint left over from halloween last year. It was quite cool but I think it needs a few more layers of glow in the dark paint before it will stand out enough to frighten anyone in the dark!

Painting Hands

Of course Missy couldn’t resist painting her hands so we had to try a handprint version too!

hand print ghoul


Let me know if you decide to give these a go too, you can even post them on my Facebook page. Or leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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