Hello world!

I’ve done it! If you are reading this that means that I have finally gone and joined the world of mummy bloggers (because of course I needed another thing to do)!

It actually feels like a very natural next step for me. I’ve always been someone who feels the need to capture the present and preserve it to look back on later. I was the kid who kept travel journals, found it hard to throw out ticket stubs and took far too many photos of everything. Having kids of my own has only compounded that. They grow up so fast, and the present is often so all consuming with them, that it is easy to forget the little things they once were and the little things they once did.  One of my self appointed tasks as a mummy has been to capture my little munchkins in everyday life, for my own benefit to look back on when I am old(er) and grey(er), for their benefit to know their whole journey and, very importantly as an expat family living away from our “home” country, for the benefit of all the friends and family who can’t share in the day-to-day with us, so that they may feel a part of our lives and get to know my munchkins, as well as Mr and me in our role as parents, and the life we are making for ourselves here in the desert.

Through this blog I invite you to join us on our journey AS they grow.  I hope that you will enjoy reading about what we get up to and perhaps even be inspired to join in! I would love to hear from you with any comments, thoughts or ideas you might have.

Harkee x

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