Making Time For Me with the PPS “For Me” DIY Kit

One of my goals for this year is to spend more time creating for myself, this includes making some time just for me, learning new skills, finding an outlet for pent up creativity and hopefully creating work I am proud of in the process. But it is no good setting goals unless you also have a plan of action on how to achieve them. Enter the “For Me” DIY Kit by local online craft retailer Pretty Paper Studio! When I first heard about this it sounded like exactly the kind of thing I would love and that would help me reach my 2017 creative goals so I’m super excited to be reviewing it here for you.

Let me walk you through it……

The Concept

The idea behind the kit is to help you make some time for yourself and unleash the creative in you. It is a chance to learn new skills as well as a way for PPS to support and showcase local artisans and small businesses in the UAE.

What You Get

Delivered right to your door, the pretty package contains all you need to create a surprise DIY project, including materials, written instructions and access to a private online video tutorial.  As well as the items for the project itself there are also a selection of goodies handmade by local artisans, not only are these useful and pretty pieces, they are also inspiring examples of creativity and a great way to introduce people to local makers they may not have come across.

How it Works

The January box was focused around watercolours, perfect for me since water colouring is on my 2017 Creative Goals list, it also seems to be a major trend at the moment! I have done one introduction to watercolours workshop recently but otherwise am a complete beginner. One thing I really liked about how the kit was put together was that it didn’t launch straight into the project. The pack of instructions and materials provided included a brief introduction to basic watercolour techniques and practice papers so you can have a go and become comfortable with the medium before beginning the main DIY project.

For the project itself there were written instructions with clear pictures included in the pack and a link to an online video tutorial. The tutorial was very clear and easy to follow along. You can pause and rewind to rewatch as many times as needed or do some practice painting in between. The presenter clearly described the set up and then walked you through the whole process. I really enjoyed the whole experience, from practising the basic watercolour techniques to mixing the different rainbow shades of paint, painting the wreath itself and then adding the finishing touches with pen. I’m so proud of my finished piece, what do you think of it? The instructions are so easy to follow that everyone can create a piece to be proud of – PPS know it as well and they include a beautiful metallic coloured frame to display the finished work of art. Now I just need to decide where to display it, Missy has her eye on it for her room so it may end up there!

Value for Money?

Priced at AED215 I think the “For Me” DIY Kit represents brilliant value for money. It is a similar price (or cheaper) than many of the crafty workshops in town but has the added value of allowing you to do the project at a time, place and pace that is convenient to you, especially to stop and start as other life demands (aka children!) require! Of course the biggest and best difference between the “For Me” DIY kit and many of the workshops available is that you get to keep the supplies – I am chuffed to bits to have added a quality watercolour palette, brush and drawing pen to my supplies and there’s no end to how many beautiful projects I can now attempt with the basic supplies to hand.  There are also the beautiful handmade artisanal goodies in the box that make for a bonus gift.

I would definitely recommend purchasing the “For Me” DIY Kit for some guided creativity, a chance to learn a new skill and a great excuse to take some time out for yourself. Check out the box below to see some more ideas for how to use the kit. You can order yours from the Pretty Paper Studio website by clicking here.  I am already looking forward to what next month’s kit has in store!!

What do you like to do for me time? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you! And if you do purchase a “For Me” DIY Kit don’t forget to share pictures on social media with the hashtag #craftersofuae and tag @ppsuae!

Three Ways to Use the “For Me” DIY Kit

Me Time – Buy a kit for yourself and schedule in some time for you to get away from the daily stresses and just spend time exploring the activity and creating something beautiful.

Gift It – The “For Me” DIY Kit is great for gifting, either gift the DIY Kit as it is, if the recipient is interested in creative pursuits, or gift the completed project – there is always something special about a handmade gift.

Girl Time – The only thing better than carving out some time to complete the DIY project by yourself is to make a date of it with some girl friends – get a kit each, watch the video tutorial together, practice the elements together, support each other through completing the project, throw in some nibbles and drinks and I’d say you’ve got a great ladies’ night there!

Disclosure: I was given a complimentary “For Me” DIY Kit to review given my well known love and interest in all things crafty. However, all views and recommendations expressed here are entirely my own – I really do think it’s great!

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