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So we are half way through Spring Break, how are you getting on, surviving? Have you been lucky enough to go away on vacation to make the most of the extended holiday or are you still here in Dubai trying to figure out how to entertain your little ones? With sun, sea and sand on our doorstep it shouldn’t really be a hardship to spend the break in Dubai and in fact families across the world have headed to Dubai to spend their spring break vacation here, perhaps you have visitors to keep you busy!

As a working mum I don’t have the luxury of going away every school break  so we are spending the holidays here.  Thankfully I am very lucky to work part-time and be part of a very supportive team at work so it’s not as difficult for me to manage as it might be for some working mums. We are getting through the holidays with a combination of me working from home, spring camp at Missy’s nursery (Monkey has been going too!) and our nanny to covering my working hours. The afternoons are then occupied with crafts, outdoor activities and playdates with friends, with weekends for some family time down at the golf club or even just in our backyard – we’ve been loving our backyard picnics lately!

However, I got thinking about how other families manage in extended school closures and what others might be doing over the spring break, maybe there are some fun ideas I haven’t thought of to get the most out of this break before the full summer heat hits. So I asked some fellow Dubai mom bloggers to share here what they will be doing. Hopefully this may inspire some of you still figuring out a plan or maybe just make you feel better if you are not able to take the whole time off to take your little ones to every play centre, activity and beach park in Dubai.

Photos courtesy of My Little Loves Blog

For Helly of My Little Loves BlogA holiday’s not really a holiday any more when you’ve got kids, It’s just being exhausted and stressed out in a different place.”  If there’s one thing she especially loves about holidays with her littleloves it’s exploring and seeing a new place through their eyes, “a sand dune in the desert is no longer just a dirty mound – it’s something to roll down while screaming and pretending you are being chased by camel’s. Palace Beach becomes our daily ritual where we encounter unusual wildlife – Jelly Fish and Rays. Their excitement and laughter is infectious and makes you feel so alive!
Our favourite things to do during spring break…
Palace Beach – Breakfast on the beach! There is nothing or no place better!
The Journey – To make mud cakes and fish away the day!
Kite Beach – Sunset walks and scootering for Mylittleloves – Find Salt for dinner (If they have been extra good)
At Home – Spring Clean out of toys and clothes which we send to Syria. Movie nights with popcorn and malteasers (Holiday treats are the best)!!”  Sounds like they have a great spring break ahead of them!

Tani of Our Big Dubai Adventure has a couple of extra hands on deck to help cover the nursery break and prepare for a new addition to the family: “Since a bit more than one month we have a live-in nanny as I felt the need to get some help for later, when there will be two monkeys running around. Even after such a short time, little L absolutely loves her. So, she is a huge help! Usually, Luca goes to nursery 3 afternoons / week. That’s the time when I can write on my blog posts, answer my emails etc. When the nursery is closed, it’s always a bit of a challenge as there is much less time for writing. I usually try to organize some nice activities in the afternoon. We went on a boat trip last week and tried a music class on Monday, for example. Visiting the Lost Chambers or Dubai Aquarium, spending an afternoon at Splash Pad, JBR or simply meeting some friends for a picnic in the park are other activities we are considering. During the morning, our nanny and I usually take turns: when our nanny is cleaning, I am going out with Luca (to the play area, in the park or simply for a walk). When she is free, she takes Luca out and I can work at home. It’s much easier now that our nanny has joined our family. Before, there was literally no time at all to do anything as I was with little L all the time (and preparing lunch while he was napping).” Some great ideas there and a good way to divide the childcare responsibilities so that everyone can get their work done as well as the little one being kept entertained.

Tarana of Sand in my Toes is a stay-at-home mom who will be trying make the most of full time one-on-one time with her 4 year old son before he starts nursery. “We’re blessed with cooler weather this year, so we’ll try to go out often and make the most of it. We’ll meet friends and explore family-friendly events around town. And of course, at home, we’ll watch movies and get busy with messy play! I want to spend as much quality time with my son as I can, since he starts kindergarten next term.” It definitely does all change once they get into the nursery/school routine so it’s great to make the most of the time before then.

Helen from The Mothership has a little one year old daughter who is usually looked after by her nanny Loreta when Helen has to work. However, with Loreta away on vacation Helen had to call in some back up in the form of the Babies and Beyond babysitting service. You can read her full review of the service here. This sounds like a great option for working mothers without full time nannies who need babysitting cover while nurseries are closed.

Lidia of Sand in my Heels is a full time working mum of two (aged 1 and 3) who hasn’t been able to take any time off work during the holidays. However, she is determined to not let the holidays pass by without creating some special memories for the kids and has pulled together a great Working Parent’s Guide to the Easter Holidays – I particularly love the idea of having your kids and nanny hop in a Careem car to meet you for lunch if you can’t get away from work or post-work dinners if you can finish work early enough. She also recommends the KenziBox craft boxes as a way of keeping the kids crafting and busy at home, we are big fans of the boxes in our house too and have a couple of them to be working through over the vacation.

A big thank you to the UAE Mom Bloggers for taking part in this post, just goes to show there are so many ways to get through the holidays and enjoy this wonderful city of ours at this great time of year. Whatever you are up to, I wish you all a wonderful spring break and hope you get the chance to make some fun family memories! xx


What do you have planned for the spring break? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Thanks for an informative post. Always on the look-out for things to do during these breaks. Also, loved the way you have incorporated the comments of your fellow bloggers 🙂

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