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We went to a fab fourth birthday party for a Star Wars obsessed little boy the other day. I’d planned to be more organised than usual this time with the present buying so I made sure to ask the birthday boy’s mum which characters he still needed for his ever growing collection and headed to the shops in advance of the big day. The day before the party I was all set, I’d bought him The Inquisitor from Borders and I’d also found cool Star Wars Lego early reader books at BookWorm, presents done.

However, 20 minutes before we were due to leave for the party I realised I wasn’t as organised I’d planned – I hadn’t sorted a birthday card yet!! No need to panic though, a quick forage through my craft supplies and a plan had formed. A little sticking and a little stamping later and this Star Wars themed card was born, ta daaa!! What do you think?



  • Card Blank
  • Foam Shapes (a large green circle for the head, two small green triangles for the ears, a large yellow square for the body, a small yellow square for the arm, a small green circle for the hand and a blue rectangle for the light sabre handle (I cut a square down to size since I didn’t have any rectangles)
  • Goggly Eyes
  • Glow Stick (I stock up at Daiso, the kids have so much fun with them!)
  • Alphabet Stampers and Inkpad
  • Double-sided Tape

Instructions aren’t really required, it was so straight forward you should be able to easily recreate it from the picture. It may just be helpful to let you know that I used double sided tape to stick the Glow Stick light sabre on to the card blank and, after a failed attempt at using a glue stick, I used the double sided tape for the goggly eyes too (although craft glue should work fine).

I stamped out the message using an alphabet stamp set I’d bought from Tchibo, I like that the stamps are double sided with both lower and uppercase letters. For the message I did a play on the word “Force” and switched it for “Fourth” since this card was for a fourth birthday party. I was also considering “May the Fourth be with you”, that would be good to use for a Star Wars Day card (May 4th). This would also be a great way to give out glow stick favours to party guests at a Star Wars party. For any die hard Star Wars fans, yes, I did realise afterwards that the exact quote on my card should have read “the [Fourth] is strong with this one” instead of in this one but I’m not a big Star Wars fan and didn’t think to Google the quote till after we got home from the party! Oh well!

I really hope the birthday boy liked it and has fun playing with the “light sabre” – it just needs to be pulled off the card and cracked to activate its glowing feature!

As an aside, I often get asked where I get my card blanks from since I use them so often. I usually stock up on them from HobbyCraft when I am back in the UK as I like the quality, the range of colours and especially the price! However, for those in Dubai I have also seen card blanks at Tchibo stores and Creative Minds should have them too as well as PaperChase. Otherwise grab a pack of card stock and just cut down to size and then buy envelopes separately.

In case anyone has found this post searching for Star Wars birthday ideas (let’s face it, there are a lot of Star Wars fans about these days!), I have to also share the fab Star Wars themed birthday cake that was created for the birthday boy by G’s Bakery.

Star Wars Cake

And what about these double sided foam swords from Tchibo? Pretty good find as far as party giveaways go!




Do you have a Star Wars fan in the family? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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