The Truth about Co-Sleeping – Part 2

If you’ve read my last post on co-sleeping you will know that I have shared a bed with one or other of my babies for almost 4 years now.  So you will understand that it is with mixed emotions that I am now attempting to transition Missy to her own bed in her own room, at least for the first part of the night.

When the last of our guests left after the new year, we moved the cot out of our room and into Missy’s (as yet undecorated) room.  We’d then managed to get a few successful day time naps with her in her own cot in her own room and maybe a couple of hours at the start of the evening (some days).

However, it has quickly become evident that Missy has no intention of sleeping in a cot.  She has figured out that if she puts her leg over the top of the cot rail we will quickly come running to the room, and if she starts to pull herself up (and almost over!) then there is no way we will be leaving her on her own in her cot or in her room. But I can’t fit in her cot to sleep with her and she won’t stay in it by herself.

So the cot days are over before they even started – she hasn’t spent a single full night in that cot. Instead we now have her cot mattress on the floor, surrounded by all manner of pillows, cushions and spare duvets. Blankets are strewn all over the place, she refuses to use the blue blanket insisting it is her brother’s even though she has never seen him use it – how do they know these things?!

She has also decided she will no longer be held or rocked to sleep in the rocking chair, she must be on her bed. Any attempt to hold her or pat her to sleep is met with repetitive exclamations of “I do it! I do it!!”. We then have an hour of her climbing up and down, turning this way and that, singing, shouting, laughing, anything but sleeping.

baby bed

And when she is finally starting to wind down this is how we end up, the latest chapter in our co-sleeping journey – Missy on her cot mattress on the floor, mummy lying down next to her, head on the corner of the mattress but rest of her awkwardly positioned on the floor. Waiting for the singing to slow down, the breathing to become heavier and the room to go quiet. Somehow, despite the strange twist to my spine and hard floor beneath me, I still enjoy those few minutes of peace with my baby sleeping soundly besides me. Before I get up, tidy up the blankets, check the monitor is on and tip toe out the room, gently closing the door behind me.


Until about midnight when she wakes up, having had enough of her own room and her own bed (or perhaps when I’ve had enough of her being in her own room and her own bed) and I scoop her up and bring her back into my room till morning.

We will get there I’m sure, just maybe not this week.


Have you transitioned a baby out of your bed? How did you do it? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “The Truth about Co-Sleeping – Part 2

    1. Thanks, I’m sure we will get there eventually (this week my almost 4 year old has completely slept through 3 nights in a row which is a bit of a break through), I’m just not sure myself how quickly I want it to happen!!

  1. We placed B’s bed beside ours so its like an extension of our bed. Eventually, we will “redecorate” the room and have the bed moved to another side … then when she’s already comfortable with that, we will move her bed to another room. But for now, we like it as is. 🙂
    We will all get there somehow. Enjoy!

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