UAE Flag Day Crafts and Activities for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

flag paint bottles cover

Happy UAE Flag Day!!

Living far away from family and our “home” country, I try to make an effort to mark holidays and special occasions from our home cultures in an attempt to keep traditions alive and give the munchkins a better understanding of their history. Living in the UAE and with both kids born in the UAE it is equally important to me that we honour and respect local occasions and give thanks for the welcome and hospitality we are afforded living here. Our main day for celebrating the UAE was previously UAE National Day on 2nd December but we now have another excuse to celebrate what the UAE stands for with UAE Flag day on 3rd November.

I was fascinated to learn the history of the UAE flag from this article in Gulf News yesterday, did you know each of the colours in the flag has a particular meaning?

Marking occasions like this with the munchkins always involves some sort of craft or activity for us so here I share some ideas that you can use too to mark the occasion with your little ones and celebrate the flag of the UAE.

1. Colour sorting flag

flag toy colour match

Collect together items or toys in each of the colours of the UAE flag and have your child sort the items onto the matching section of the flag. You could use all the same items (e.g. Legos or toy cars) or a mix of different items, whatever you have in your playroom that fits the colour bill. You could also use craft supplies, we love pom poms and this is another great way to sort them. (Printable UAE flag images can be found through a simple online search.)

flag pom pom colour match

2. Handprint flag art

flag hand

Missy loves hand print art and these little flag prints are so cute. Use a paintbrush to paint the different coloured stripes onto your little ones hand and simply press into a sheet of paper. Just remember to paint a mirror image onto the hand so the colours are in the right direction when transferred to paper!

3. Colouring page

flag colouring page

You can download a free UAE flag colouring page from Activity Village here. Use this to colour, paint or decorate the flag however you wish. How about painting and then sprinkling on some correspondingly coloured glitter before the paint dries to give it a bit of Dubai bling!

4. Straw necklaces

flag necklace

Children over 3 years old can use child friendly scissors to cut up pieces of plastic straws in the UAE flag colours of red, green, white and black and then thread these onto string or a shoelace to make a necklace.  This is a great activity to practice cutting skills as well as fine motor skills threading and even logical thinking skills when following patterns of colour for the necklace.

5. Food flags

After all this activity your little ones will all probably be ready for a snack. Use the UAE flag as inspiration to serve up a healthy plate of snacks such as the above which has been created with strawberries, cucumber, popcorn and blueberries. Or how about a side salad with red cherry tomatoes, green baby spinach, white radish and black olives.

Enjoy all your flag day celebrations everyone!

How are you and your little ones marking UAE Flag Day this year? I would love to see pictures so please feel free to share them on my Facebook Page at Or leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you!


This post is part of the UAE Mom Bloggers Blog Hop for UAE’s National Day on December 2.

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