You Hold my Heart in your Hands – Valentine’s Day Craft

The purest love I have ever known is my children’s love for me and my love for them. It is unquestioning, unwavering, primal. It is absolute. It is my everything.

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally about couples and love, it is actually my baby loves l’ve been thinking about with the upcoming holiday (Mr. and I swore off the commercialness of Valentine’s Day a long time ago…..not that I would ever say no to a beautiful bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates any day of the year!)

Not long after I became a mother, with all those crazy new mum hormones raging through my body, I came across an Elizabeth Stone quote that really resonated with me, in fact for a long time I couldn’t read it without choking up with tears at the enormity of the truth in it.

“The decision to have a baby is monumental, it to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body” Elizabeth Stone

It is just so true. Each of my children hold a piece of my heart in their hands and take it wherever they go, my heart and my happiness will never be completely within my control again as it is inextricably linked with my children and how they are, what they are doing.

As I was thinking about this I also realised that as parents we also hold our children’s hearts in our hands, while they are so young at least. The relationships we build with them, the foundations for love, compassion and empathy that we lay down now, the comfort that they take in us and the connection we foster, or don’t, all go to shape their little hearts and to make them the kind of people they will be in adulthood. We hold their hearts in our hands and it is our responsibility to be gentle with them but also build them up to be strong. We do this by showing them our love for them, reminding them of it everyday in every way we know how and helping them feel secure in that love. They will after all be walking around with our hearts in their hands for the rest of our lives.

It is in celebration of this love between a parent and a child that Missy and I created my new favourite handprint art piece. It was very simple, I cut out a heart from a piece of paper, making sure it was smaller than the palm of Missy’s hand, painted her hand with paint then placed the paper heart gently in her hand before pressing her painted palm to paper. The paint does not go on the bit covered by the heart stencil so you end up with a heart cutout in the middle of your painted handprint.


I love the simplicity of it. There is my heart in her hand.

We also did it in red and I LOVE it!


red heart hand 2

This simple craft has so much potential and can be adapted in so many ways.  It would make for a sweet Valentine’s Day card or decoration.

red heart valentine

Or how about using different coloured paints on different coloured paper or painted background to make a Warhol style pop art collage piece?

bright warhol Collage 2

Maybe make a whole family of love handprints starting with daddy all the way down to baby.

love is family

Have fun with it and let me know what you come up with!


What would you use this craft/art idea for? leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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