10 Reasons why Mummy should get the Halloween Candy!

It’s the first week of November, if you have young kids chances are you also have a house full of candy right now.  Whether its the trick or treat haul bags you managed to hide once the little ones had gone to bed on 31st October or the giant stash of treats you’d bought in anticipation of the hoards of trick or treaters that failed to materialise, the problem is still the same. What to do with it all? It’s just staring at you….willing you to tuck in…. “just have a little bit” it says….. “one won’t hurt” …….. “they’ll never know” ……. “you deserve it”.

You are trying with all your might to resist, thinking of the time (not) spent in the gym, the already too tight jeans in your wardrobe, those last couple of kilos of baby weight that are still hanging on even though your “baby” is now at school……you shouldn’t…..you know you really shouldn’t…..but at the same time all you really need is one good excuse to grab that bowl of candy, make yourself comfortable on the sofa under a cable knit blanket tv remote in hand, and dive right in! Scoffing away until all that is left is an explosion of torn foil wrappers and crumpled plastic and that warm satisfied feeling that only chocolate can bring….!  Well, just in case you haven’t come up with that excuse yet, I’m sure one of these reasons will completely justify mummy treating herself to those left over halloween treats….

1. You’d better eat it all before the kids find it, this is just another time mummy has to sacrifice herself for the health and benefit of her kids!

2. You had quite the work out taking the kids trick or treating, walking around the neighbourhood, carrying all their stuff, pushing their abandoned bikes and scooters, chasing after them when they got ahead of themselves, you definitely need to replace those lost calories!

3. The kids are still not sleeping through the night so neither are you. They may be able to nap but chocolate, caffeine and sugar is the only thing that will get you through the day.

4. You will be teaching the kids the importance of sharing, you are just setting up important life lessons, it is better they learn now. Other important lessons include “you don’t always get want you want in life”, “chocolates and sweets are not good for little teeth” and that all important “finders keepers, losers weepers!!”

5. The kids took so long going to sleep that it is too late to cook dinner now, but you do still need to eat and, well, these are here already and don’t need to be cooked….

6. It’s November, that means winter, that means its going to get cold so you’ll be burning more energy keeping warm, you’d better fuel up now!

7. The kids gave you their tummy bug the other week so you weren’t able to eat chocolate for at least 3 days and definitely must have lost some weight, you deserve this!

8. They say you can have all things in moderations, well these are fun size chocolates so that is pre-moderated for you.

9. They are due to expire in 1 month and food waste is such a terrible thing.

10. Next month is December and the holidays so there is no point starting your diet now, you might as well enjoy it and wait till the new year to start properly!

Are you convinced yet?! 😉 Now pass me that mini snickers…..!



Can you think of any more reasons? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you.



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