13 No-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas and where to find them

As a self-confessed chocoholic I know I’m being completely hypocritical when I say that I would rather my kids didn’t stuff themselves sick with candy come Halloween.  If they did come home with a giant cauldron full of candy I would just have to confiscate most of it once they’d gone to bed and that wouldn’t be good for anyone (least of all my waistline!) Since I prefer not to give so much candy to my own kids, I also like to have non-candy treat options available for other little trick or treaters who might come knocking on my door on the 31st. Non-candy treats also have the added bonus of allowing kids with food allergies to join in the Halloween fun. Having dealt with food allergies with Monkey as a baby and toddler I know it can be hard to see them missing out on things all their friends are enjoying.

All of this usually leaves me running around town at the last minute trying to figure out what I can put in my cauldron for the wee ones.  So this year I am planning ahead and have compiled a list of treats that won’t give the dentist nightmares. And the best bit is most of them are available for home delivery in the UAE and the wider GCC region which will save busy mummies a bit of a nightmare too!

As an aside, I apologise for over use of the word “candy”, it’s an American term that does slightly confuse me as a Brit who grew up eating either sweets or chocolate! It seems to have snuck it’s way into my kids’ (and therefore my) vocabulary, one of the unfortunate side effects of expat life. Anyway, I digress, without further ado, I present my pick of 13 non-candy treat ideas and where to find them:

1. Bubbles

All kids love bubbles. Even when they think they’ve grown out of bubbles they still secretly love bubbles. Halloween themed bubbles are perfect for goodie bags as well as treats for trick or treaters. You can find the character bubbles here and the eyeball bubbles here.

2. Finger Puppets


I have a thing about finger puppets. Not only are they fun but they are also a great tool for learning through play as they spark the imagination and encourage story telling. I can’t decide if these little guys are scary or cute but I’m sure little trick or treaters will love them either way. You can find them for your little monsters here.

3. Stationary

It’s very  easy to be left with a load of plastic tat once Halloween is done so it can be quite nice to receive something that is at least useful, like stationary. Stationary items like pencils, note pads and erasers are particularly great for school age kids working on their writing skills. You can find these pumpkin pencils here and this assortment of erasers here.

4. Whistlesvampire-lip-whistle

A treat for the kids but potentially a trick for the grown-ups depending on how loud they are and how often they are blown directly in the ear of their victim! Last year I found pumpkin whistles for our toddler trick or treat bowl and these vampire lips will do nicely this year. You can find them here.

5. Wind up toys

I’ll have to admit I’ve already picked up a couple of these for the kiddos to play with, they were too cute to resist. Great for racing across the living room floor or coffee table and sure to keep the kids entertained long after the sugar high has worn off. You can find the spooky pumpkin, skeleton and witch wind up toys here or pick up the cute pumpkin and ghost in your local Waitrose or Spinneys store.

6.  Temporary Tattoos

Kids love a bit of body art and mums love something that will wash off in the bath. There is a wide range of temporary tattoos available on the market but these are the most stylish I have seen yet (admittedly I am slightly obsessed with all things Meri Meri and their Halloween range in particular!) Available online at Mumzworld and Party Camel.

7. Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters can serve so many purposes beyond the obvious and would be great as a special Halloween treat. Whether you pair a cutter with some cookie mix, a little pot of playdoh or a little pot of paint for some printing fun, they will be something that can be used year after year around the spooky season. You can find the stylish set of 4 Meri Meri cutters here or pick up a set of three basic halloween shapes in your local Waitrose or Spinneys store.

8. Spooky Jewellery

For the finishing touch to a little trick or treater’s outfit how about some spooky jewellery? From these fuzzy spider rings to cool skull bracelets and eye popping finger candy, there is sure to be something to suit every taste.

9. Bouncy Balls


I don’t think I’ve met a child yet that doesn’t love a bouncy ball. Chasing after a wildly bouncing and ricocheting ball would also be a great way to burn off any halloween candy the little critters do manage to get their hands on. You can find these eyeball bounce balls here and there are also pumpkin and bat designs available.

10. Creepy Crawlies

For maximum prank potential every little monster needs some toy creepy crawlies in their bag of tricks! You can find these neon spiders here and these snakes here. We also picked up a bag of spooky black spiders from the Waitrose Halloween range during a recent Spinneys shop, its amazing how those buggies just seemed to creep into your trolley when you aren’t looking!

11. Balloonsballoons

The kiddos might not be too excited about a balloon sat limply in a treat bowl but inflate it and put it on a stick and suddenly everyone will want one! I did this with black and orange balloons for party favours after a little backyard Halloween bash one year and they went down well with the little ones. This pack is from the Waitrose Halloween range that is available in both Waitrose and Spinneys stores.

12. Glow Sticks


We love glow sticks at any time of the year but at Halloween they become extra cool allowing you to glow through the neighbourhood after dark. I’ve already picked up a few glowing items from the Waitrose Halloween range with a recent supermarket shop and added them to our existing collection of glow sticks (both wearable and waveable) from Daiso.

13. Healthy Edible Treats


“No candy” doesn’t mean you can’t provide yummy treats to your trick or treaters. Kids party favourite popcorn would make a great healthy treat and what better way to serve it than delivered by the coolest bats in town. These bat cups would be perfect filled with little bags of popcorn and you can find them on Party Camel, Mumzworld and in your local Spinneys store.

I’m sure it will be difficult to avoid candy or chocolate altogether but I hope that’s given you some ideas for treats that both little ones and their mums will thank you for on Halloween.


Photo Credits: Mumzworld.com and Waitrose

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What will you be serving up for your little trick or treaters this year? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you.


No Candy Treat Ideas

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