5 Tips for using your Free First day of School Printable Photo Prop


Have you downloaded your Free First Day of School Printable Photo Prop yet?

Monkey had his first day of school on Thursday so we’ve used ours already and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results! Most kids in Dubai go back to school this week so for those of you still to take that all-important first-day-at-school photo here are a few tips we learnt from our experience:

  1. Prepare your camera the day before – Make sure your camera battery is charged and your memory card has sufficient space for all the photos or video you want to take. I failed at this first hurdle and couldn’t find my DSLR charger. Luckily I still had my compact camera charged and my handy iPhone. Put the charged camera by the door ready to hand when the time comes.
  2. Prepare your sign the day before – All you need is your home printer and some paper. However, depending on the age of your child you may like to print the sign out onto card stock or stick the printed sign onto some card. For a smarter finish I recommend putting the sign into a frame for your child to hold, just remember to remove the glass from the front as it will dull the colours and cause reflections to show up on the sign. We figured this out after the first couple of attempts!
  3. Build photoshoot time into your morning schedule – Aim to be completely ready at least 10 – 15 minutes before you need to leave the house so you have plenty of time to take the photos you are after.  The younger they are, the more coaxing, “say cheese”, turn this way no turn the other way, look at me, stand still’s it takes to get that one photo that you will put in the album and send off to the grandparents.
  4. Choose a good location – Pick a spot with a fairly uncluttered background that will allow your child to be the focus of the shot. It would also be good to pick a spot that you can use each year for the first day of school photo. Outside the front door is a good one as the door provides a plain background as well as a reference point for your growing child – the door will seem to get smaller each year as your child gets bigger. It is also quite symbolic of heading off to school.
  5. Include siblings and family members – Get the important shot of your child ready for their first big day of school but also get some shots that include any other siblings or family members that are around. One of my favourite shots from our little photo session is of Missy helping Monkey with his hat and bag on our door step.

Once you have taken that photo make sure you share it with grandparents and family back home, they will love feeling like part of the milestone and will no doubt be showing it off to anyone who cares to listen!

I would also love it if you shared any photos using the free chalkboard sign on my Facebook page!

Have you got any other tips to share? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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