Boxpark – A Breath of Fresh Air


I’ve been desperate to check out the Typo store in Boxpark ever since I wandered into one of their stores in Melbourne earlier in the year.  I’ve also been intrigued by the concept of Boxpark, which is so different to the usual mall based shopping experiences we have in Dubai.  Instead it’s an open air lifestyle destination with a very urban feel thanks to the architectural concept based on shipping containers.  The range of retail and dining outlets is quirky and offers something different to the chains you would expect to find across most Dubai malls.  Boxpark is the third offering from developer Meeras who are also behind the innovative lifestyle developments The Beach and City Walk.   It certainly offers a breath of fresh air both figuratively and literally; despite the heat, my friend and I really enjoyed walking outdoors while browsing the outlets. It’s a pretty long development though so we didn’t manage to cover much of it, all the more reason to go back soon!


Typo 2

Our main reason for visiting Boxpark was the Typo store.  For a couple of mums who appreciate crafts, home decor and stationary this was perhaps a little dangerous.  I could have bought the whole store but limited myself to the following 10 items:

typo purchases

1. Buffalo tablet case for ipad mini (AED99) – This was really a necessity not a luxury since the munchkins have already completely destroyed my current one, as it says on the box – practical and good looking!

2. Wooden craft letters (AED49 each) – Feeding my craft supply purchasing addiction here, not sure what I will use them for yet but I am sure I will come up with something, maybe greeting cards.

3. Quilted leather look note book with gold page edging and Eiffel Tower charm (AED40 (sale price)) – Just because it’s gorgeous and on sale, do I really need any other reason?

4. Pineapple notebook (AED29) – My nod to this summer’s hot tropical trend, everyone needs pineapple in their life.

5. Raindrops buffalo journal (AED49) – I’m running out of excuses *ahem* reasons to buy cute Typo notebooks but this one is soft and has an elastic so, erm…my notes won’t fall out!

6. Gold polka dot card keeper (AED25) – This is actually going to be useful. It’s for all those times when I usually just pop my cards in the pocket of the kids bag as my big ole purse won’t fit –  it’ll save me losing my cards and getting in big trouble with Mr (happens a bit too regularly!)

7. Thoughts and Reflections Journal (AED59) – I love the idea of this, a line a day for 3 years. I really hope I can keep it up as it will be great to see how things develop and look back on what I was thinking or what was going on that day a year or 2 years ago. The small space for each year makes it less intimidating to fill in – you only need a line a day. You can either be guided by the prompts on each page or insert your own thoughts.

8. Novelty golf club pen (AED25) – This is for my little golf obsessed Monkey, I hope he loves it! There were lots of different designs to choose from, my friend got a dinosaur pen for her little man.

9. Multicoloured pen (AED15) – I still haven’t decided if this is for me or Monkey but it reminded me of one I had when I was little so I had to get it. Maybe I’ll use it for my line a day journal – line a day in a colour a day!

10. Note pad and pen set (AED15) – Eat, sleep, nap, repeat (notepad)/sleeping is my hobby (pen) – wishful thinking!!

There were so many more things I would have loved to have bought but thankfully my friend managed to drag me out before I’d filled my basket too much. I might still have to go back to the Boxpark store or do a cheeky online shop of the Australian store before my sister comes to visit! Glittery mini clothes pegs, burlap bunting, house shaped wall hanger, wooden letters, all of you beware, I’ll be back!


We then popped into a lovely little toy store, Imaginarium, which would be a great place to buy gifts. I was seriously tempted to get the pirate finger puppet set for Monkey but left with just a set of gorgeous wooden alphabet blocks for Missy.




All that shopping and walking had made us hungry. There are so many restaurant and cafe options down at Boxpark that we didn’t really know where to start but ended up wandering into Markette which we really enjoyed. We were greeted with a “Welcome home” at the door, service was quick and friendly and the food was delicious. We shared a quinoa salad and beetroot and chickpea falafel.  The simple roast vegetable and quinoa salad was lifted by the accompanying beetroot dressing while the goats curd sauce served with the beetroot falafel added an interesting dimension to the falafel, I’ll admit I was initially sceptical but it really worked.  It was particularly nice to be able to enjoy our meal sitting inside while being able to look out of the window at the world go by rather than the insides of a mall. There is definitely more of a European feel to the development which is a welcome change. Markette also have a kids menu so we’ve already made plans to head back down to Boxpark with the kids to have a play in the Lego shop and play pop up store (there till 5th September) followed by dinner.


Upon returning back home I did a quick online search to see what shops we might have missed out at Boxpark this afternoon and came upon this list of must try spots at Boxpark by The National. We only ticked off 2 today so we will definitely have to go back and check out the rest!

Have you been to Boxpark yet? What is your favourite Boxpark spot? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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