Christmas in a Desert Wonderland – Sing-a-Long!

This is our 10th Christmas in Dubai! Our tenth! It seems crazy to think about a decade of Christmases here  but for one reason or another we just haven’t gone “back home” to celebrate the holidays since we moved out to Dubai. We’ve had family out here to celebrate with us at least half of the time, other times we’ve celebrated with friends and there was even one year where we snuck away to the Emirates Palace for a couple of nights and celebrated just the two of us (pre-kids of course!)  We now seem to have made a bit of a habit of staying here in the desert for the festive season and, as much as I sometimes get a bit nostalgic about Christmas in the cold, I actually do really like our desert Christmases with the good weather, the quieter roads and much less stress than travelling over Christmas usually entails.

Last year, when my sister and her family stayed with us for Christmas, I posted my version of the Twelve Days of Christmas as I suspected they would go with a house full of toddlers. This year I’ve had the classic festive song Walking in a Winter Wonderland stuck in my head and so, in honour of 10 expat Christmases in the desert, I give you my version of it – “Christmas in a Desert Wonderland”, be sure to sing along!

Christmas in a Desert Wonderland

Service bell rings, are you listening?
In the glass ice is glistening,
A beautiful sight, oh we’re happy tonight,
Christmas in a desert wonderland!

Gone away is your neighbour.
Here to stay is your mother.
She’s brought all the treats, you’re ready to eat,
Christmas in a desert wonderland!

In the desert we can build a sandman,
And give him a shiny golden crown.
He’ll say am I dreaming we say no man,
You’re in Dubai lets party now down town!

Later on we’ll drink bubbles,
As we forget all our troubles,
We’ve got our housemaid, we’re happy we stayed,
Christmas in a desert wonderland!

On the beach we can build a sandman,
And pretend he’s our oldest friend.
We have lots of fun with Mr. Sandman,
Until the morning when the tide comes in

Oh when it snows we know it’s faking,
That doesn’t stop our picture taking,
We’ll frolic and play the Expat way,
Christmas in a desert wonderland!!

Christmas in a desert wonderland!

Where are you spending the holidays? Have you ever spent a Christmas in Dubai, what are your favourite things to do here? Leave me a message below, I would love to hear from you!

One thought on “Christmas in a Desert Wonderland – Sing-a-Long!

  1. We’ve always spent our holidays here and it’s been wonderful. Celebrations are quieter, small-scale and convenient, And the best part is, everybody joins in. I’m so grateful that my daughter is excited about Halloween, Christmas or even Eid as much as she is about Diwali!

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