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The last minute, no-candy Advent Calendar we did last year was a big hit with the kids, they loved getting “Santa’s Special Beard Jar” out each night and sticking another fluffy cotton wool ball to Santa’s Beard until it was nice and full ready for Christmas. So much so in fact they remembered it and wanted to do the same again this year.  That would have been fun and of course I still have the free printable I made last year (downloadable here) so it would have been easy but I also thought it would be nice to try something new.


So this year I have made a new Christmas Tree Christmas Countdown. This was mostly inspired by the fact that, once again, I am itching to get our Christmas Tree up and, once again, I am forcing myself to wait until 1st December. Preparing a Christmas Tree printable countdown did help take my mind off the lack of decorations around the house for a while, although it does still feel like everyone else has that their tree up for weeks! Because I’m feeling generous and full of festive spirit I would love to share the printable with you so that as many kids as possible can join in the countdown fun! Here it is!

Christmas Tree Countdown


The Christmas Countdown is a tree advent calendar and has been designed to be flexible so that you can adapt how you use it depending on the age of your kids.  Initially I thought we would use pom poms to stick on each night as a bauble, especially since we have a massive stash of them from Daiso and they are already stored in a  Christmassy box.  But there are so many things you can use, buttons would look very cute as baubles or any kind of metallic shape or confetti. You could use stickers of any description for younger kids or even just colour the baubles in with crayons or pens if you don’t fancy sticking anything on.

If you would like to get a copy just click on the photo of the printable above, save it to your computer and print it out, just check your printer settings first to make sure the whole image is printing.  If you are planning to use a material of any weight for the countdown, (e.g. buttons or pom poms), I would recommend printing the printable out onto card or other stronger material that is more likely to hold the weight. Another idea could be to put it in a frame with the front glass panel removed; that would both support the weight and set it up as an interactive decoration which can be displayed for the month.

However you choose to use the free printable countdown please do share pictures with me either by posting them on my Facebook page or tagging me on Instagram (, I would love to see them!


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