Crafty Christmas Gift ideas for under AED100

It is just over 2 weeks to Christmas, how is your Christmas shopping looking?  I’ll be honest, I am terrible, I haven’t really started and I’ve already spend a load of my budget on unnecessary Christmas decor, including a fuzzy white polar bear that I just had to have and more fake berries than you can shake a stick at!

My plan is to spend an evening with my laptop, be super efficient with online shopping and rely on fast local delivery times to save me before the big day! Luckily for me I have also discovered Kidore (aka a mama’s dream) – an online kids store filled with awesome gifts and all for under AED100!!!  Award winning online kids retailer Kidore is your one-stop-shop in Dubai for affordable kids clothing, gift items, and other essentials for kids aged 0-12 years old.

For anyone else in the same boat, or just looking for some mum-approved budget-friendly recommendations, let me introduce you to the Kidore UAE Santa Squad – a team of 5 mums with different experiences and passions who have each put together their own Christmas edit by hand picking 10 gift items from the Kidore range.  There are so many fun products on there that I honesty had a hard time keeping my selection to 10 items.

As you might expect, since both I and my kids are obsessed with crafts, my selection is A Crafty Christmas Edit.  For us crafts are not just about making pretty things. Crafts are about spending time together as a family, having a creative outlet where your imagination can let loose and you can express yourself, all while working on important fine motor skills, problem solving, learning real life skills, making gifts for others, making toys for imaginative play and so much more.  My selection covers all these different experiences and includes some family favourites such as a washitape craft  (Monkey and I are obsessed with washitape!), card making (we gave up buying cards a long time ago!), body paint (because facepaint is not just for parties), a mould and paint craft (we love the whole range of these but Monkey is so into space right now!) and a building kit that hits all the right S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) notes!  Since they are all from the Kidore range you will know that each gift is under AED100 but you may be surprised to hear that my picks range from just AED10 and that most of my items are actually under AED50! Happy news for those already stretched festive purses!

Click here to shop my top 10 crafty gifts or head over to the Kidore website and click on my Crafty Christmas Edit in the UAE Santa Squad slider.

Other Santa Squad Christmas edits already up on the Kidore website include a Christmas Edit for the Arty Child by Tani of Our Big Dubai Adventure and a Teacher Approved selection by Zeyna Sanjania of Mummy on my Mind (Zeyna was a former British Primary School Teacher and Year 1 co-ordinator in Dubai and has picked items according to the three Prime Areas of Learning). Also to come is a selection of Gifts for the Cool Geek by Priyanka Wade of One Geek of a Parent and a selection entitled “Brian Fuel for Christmas” by Dr. Sarah Rasmi, a Family Psychologist & Positive Parenting Expert.  So do keep checking back at the Kidore website for those in the next few days too and click the links to Tani and Zeyna’s blog posts above to learn more about each of the Santa Squad members.

Whether you are after main presents, stocking fillers or something to keep the kids entertained during the holidays, I’m sure you will find something suitable on Kidore – Happy Shopping!


Are you planning to include any crafty gifts in your presents this year? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!




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