Dear Santa – Mummy’s Letter

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I hope this letter finds you well and not too overwhelmed by the demands of the season. I must admit, I am feeling the pressure a bit myself!

I know you must be quite a way through everyone’s present preparations already so I hope this doesn’t throw you off too much. The thing is, I think I’ve changed my mind. Are we allowed to do that this close to Christmas?

I know I said I REALLY wanted that new camera, and those shoes with the red soles, and we both know how long I’ve been eyeing up that sparkly bracelet, but I’ve been thinking about it and I don’t really need those things after all.

I don’t need a new camera to capture memories of my family. What I REALLY need is time – more time making those memories, memories of special times that will burn themselves directly onto my heart without the need for memory cards and photo labs to remind me how precious every minute with my children is and how quickly the time passes. An extra few hours a day, or even each week, would be such a bonus!

I really don’t need those red soled high heels either – I’m sure they would look amazing but do you know what would feel amazing? No heels. In fact no shoes at all. Being barefoot, chasing my children across the beach, sand against my soles and the sea lapping at my ankles. Guiding my daughter’s chubby little bare feet down to the water’s edge and watching her tiny toes curl up against the soft sand, then hearing her squeal with delight as the cool water reaches her, now that would be amazing.

Not asking too much yet am I?

You can even cross that sparkly bracelet off my list, yes, even that one. I don’t need those diamonds on my wrist when I have these little hands in mine. These are my jewels, my treasure, my most priceless possessions. If you could just keep those little hands holding on to mine, keep my darlings happy and healthy, keep love in our hearts and a smile on face, that would be enough. That would be more than enough.

With love, from

Mummy xx

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