First Day of School Ready? (Free Printables)

It seems like just the other day we were looking out at a long stretch of 11 weeks of summer holidays, dreading how we would entertain the kids for so long, especially for those of us spending most of the summer indoors in the desert. Now all of a sudden we are at the final stretch and I am beginning to panic that we won’t be ready in time!

I have two kids starting new schools this September, one starting proper school for the first time (hold back the tears) and one moving up to a big school. The list of essential back-to-school items yet to get is long – uniform, shoes, PE kit and lunch boxes to name a few, only matched by the number of pre-school appointments we also need to fit in – dentists, vaccinations, hair appointments……. the list seems endless!

You would think all that would have me running to the nearest mall ready to tick everything off and have it all good to go for the first day of school.  If you do maybe you don’t know me after all! Instead the only productive thing I have done so far is create the First Day of School signs I use as photo props as part of what has now become a yearly tradition for us. I design chalkboard style prints for both the first and last day of school, pop them in a frame and attempt to get the kids to cooperate in taking photos I can then keep for the family album and look back on at the end of the year or years later.

I loved seeing some of my followers using the signs for their own photos at the end of the last school year so I thought I would share the 2017-2018 First Day of School signs as well  in case any of you want to use them.  I’ve made three variations, FS1 for my Missy, Year 1 for my Monkey and a generic First Day of School one for everyone that doesn’t fall into those! To download just click on the relevant link or photo below, save to your computer and print to desired frame size.

Download First Day of School FS1

Download First Day of School Year 1

Download General First Day of School

Quick tip, if you are planning to put the signs in a frame remove any glass or plastic front before taking the photo to avoid any reflections affecting the photo. For more tips for using your photo prop check out this previous post from when I first started using these props.

I know schools start at different times and the UAE is starting back later that usual this year so apologies if your child has already had their first day at school. However, fear not, you can still use these printables in your memory keeping of the big day. Feel free to print them out to a smaller size to use in scrapbooking or your photo albums or use the image in any photo book you create.

If you do use these signs in your First Day of School photos and post them on social media, don’t forget to tag so I can see them! Now I probably ought to head to the mall and get started on that to-do list………


Do you have a first day of school photo tradition? Are you prepared for the first day of school? leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “First Day of School Ready? (Free Printables)

  1. These look lovely! I have already downloaded them but since there’s still 2 weeks until school reopens, i hope i will remember printing them! (With all that back to school happiness ??)

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