It’s in the Stars – DIY Star Ornaments and Garland

Stars DIY

I made some super quick DIY star decorations recently for Missy’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star themed first birthday party, however, they would also make perfect Eid decorations so here’s a quick how-to:

Glittery Gold Star Ornaments


– A4 piece of paper
– Wooden stars (available from ACE Hardware at only 5dhs each)
– Fine gold glitter
– Glue
– Hairspray

1. Fold A4 paper in half then open up and lay down on work surface. This is to catch the excess glitter.

2. Place wooden star on paper and spread glue on one side of the star making sure the whole face is covered as any missed bits will show once the glitter is on.

3. Sprinkle glitter generously over the glued face of the star, making sure it is all covered.

4. Lift glittered star and gently shake off excess glitter onto the A4 paper below. Set glittered star aside.

5. Refold the paper and use as a funnel to pour the excess glitter back into the glitter pot.

6. Once the glue is dried you can set the glitter by lightly spraying the glittered face of the star with hairspray. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area, ideally outside.

7. If desired the steps above can be repeated for the other face of the star.

Finally, place on table/shelf/mantel etc and admire!

Glittery Gold Star Garland


– Gold glitter card (available from Creative Minds, Umm Sequim Road)
– Gold string
– Star shaped cookie cutters in assorted sizes or star shaped craft punch


1. Using the cookie cutters as templates to draw around, on the reverse of the glitter card draw various sized stars.

2. Cut out the stars.

As an alternative to steps 1 and 2 above, use a star shaped craft punch to cut stars from the gold card.

3. Lay the stars out evenly spaced on a work surface glitter side down. Using sellotape, tape the gold string to the back of the glittery stars.

Finally, hang up and enjoy!

See, I told you they were super quick and easy but so effective!

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